With the end of the Rings and their Lord much has changed in Middle- earth for the Third Age was over, ‘peace has come again and a new Spring opened on earth; and the heir of Isildur was crowned King of Gondor and Arnor, and might of the DĂșnedain was lifted up and their glory renewed.’[4] But to the Eldar this world grew old and grey, and many of the High Kindred departed beyond the Sea. The earth has become round and all the roads lead to where they began. But the wise say that the Straight Road to the West still exists for those who are permited to find it, and a lucky one might sail the Sundering Seas and pass the Enchanted Islands and before his death he would see the white towers of Eldamar and the White Mountain of Taniquetil where the Valar still dwell watching the course of time.

Peter S. Beagle says of The Lord of the Rings and its author the following: “Tolkien believes in his world and in all those who inhabit it. And I believe that Tolkien has wandered in Middle-earth, which exists nowere but in himself, and I understand the sadness of the Elves and I have seen Mordor. And this is the course of the book’s unity the deep sureness of Tolkien’s that makes his world more than the sum of all parts, more than an ingenious contrivance, more than an easy parable of power. Beyond the skill and invention of the man, beyond his knowledge of philology, mythology and poetry. The Lord of the Rings is made in this manner, but on some midnights it does seem to me that my time is cheating itself of even this little. So I have read the tale of the Ring and some other books many times, and I envy my children, who have not yet read any of them, and I envy you if you have not, and I wish you joy.”[10]

The trilogy is indeed more than just a baby’s fairy-tale (as some people try to prove) or a sophisticated parable with a double meaning. It stirrs our feelings as well as thoughts and makes us look into our hearts as well as into our souls.

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